The Top 4 Inspirational Marketing Blogs

So I thought what better way to kick off my own marketing blog than with a summary on my favourite marketing blogs. After all, these are what inspire me!

There are literally hundreds of marketing blogs out there, but before you start googling lists of the top 5 or top 10 best ones to follow, wait… because there are hundreds of posts on that too! Confused? I was. So how do you decide?

The key is to determine what you want to get out of the blog you’ll be following. Do you want a blog that will regularly challenge the beliefs set in stone about marketing? A blog that will give you a new way of thinking and looking at your ideas? A blog that will help you create amazing content and hit your targets?

In my mind, a great marketing blog does all of the above. So this is a list of my top 4 marketing blogs. A bit of a random number, but they genuinely are the ones I get the most from! If you’re on the hunt for some inspiration or new perspectives on your marketing projects, I’d highly recommend…

1. Hubspot

No marketer can ignore Hubspot. The amount of ridiculously useful content they pump out every day sets a standard for the industry. And you’d think that the regularity may become a bit intense for a subscriber… it doesn’t. Every post is relevant and broken down in a way that makes reading even the longer posts a breeze.

With over 630,000 twitter followers, 900,000+ facebook likes and 2 million monthly visitors these guys do an amazing job at providing content on a variety of b2b topics, ranging from email and website optimisation to client relationships and career advice.

You can take advantage of three different blogs (marketing, sales and agency – or all of them if you’re as obsessive as I am). Their writers are great at keeping tabs on what’s new, what works and what’s changing. In my opinion, this is the number one place for every level of inbound marketer. (And their free templates and eBooks are amazeballs) 😀 !

Must read:

2. Seth Goddin

I first became a fan of Seth after reading his book “Permission Marketing”. If you have a short attention span and crave thoughtful and creative insights, his blog is definitely for you.

Seth Goddin is the author of 18 global best sellers and is often referred to as the god father or the king of modern marketing. He writes about the the way ideas spread, inbound marketing, leadership, never giving up and most of all changing everything to become  a unique purple cow!

You’re not going to get “how to” advice on this blog — but you’ll get concise lines of thought, that question the way you think and force you to become a better marketer.

Must read:

3. Pardot

As a user of Pardot’s automation system I regularly take advantage of the tips and tricks provided on their blog. Backed by one of the world’s fastest growing and “most innovative” companies (Salesforce), Pardot does well at giving readers loads of best practice information on b2b lead nurturing and marketing automation.

Although marketing automation isn’t a brand new thing, it wasn’t until the past few years that automation really caught fire. Just a quick glance at Google Trends data shows relative search traffic for the term “marketing automation” moving up, so this blog is a really great place for getting all the latest info on automation plus loads of free treats (like ebooks, podcasts and Q&A’s) that help you whether you’re just starting out or taking a deeper dive into optimising your drip campaigns.

Must read:

4. The Moz Blog

Firstly, let me just start off by saying I love the way this blog is laid out. It’s so easy on the eyes, quick to find posts that you’re interested in and the images are pretty unique too!

Moz started out as an SEO company but now covers various aspects of inbound marketing. On the Moz blog , their beginnings in SEO are apparent. While they do also have loads of posts about creating awesome content and using social media, the majority of their posts highlight ways to increase search engine rankings. It’s perfect for both technical and creative marketers who want to shine on Google.

Probably the best feature of the blog is their Whiteboard Friday, where an expert, demonstrates marketing principles in front on a physical whiteboard via a video. An easy-to-consume and different way for us to learn something! Cool 🙂

Must read:

This post could go on and on. I’m also a fan of KissMetrics, Copyblogger, ConvinceandConvert, UnBounce and many others, but in the interests of keeping this post short, sweet and honest I wanted to keep it to focus on the 4 that inspire me most.

If you’re a marketer and not reading these already, one word… Start!   😉

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