Was 2016 really that bad? What’s next in 2017?

So here we are again, another year over and a new one just begun. Wait, aren’t those song lyrics? Probably… they sound familiar. Anyway, this year I welcomed in 2017 with family at the gorgeous Kew Gardens Hotel restaurant in London. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. The food, wine and service is wonderful… not to mention the quaint villagey atmosphere inside and out. Sounds classy, but actually, there we were sipping one too many glasses of red, belting out Champagne Supernova, playing air guitars and reminiscing about 2016. Or perhaps I should say jumping on the bandwagon of tearing down 2016, a year that has been absolutely slated across social media.

Was it really that bad? 

Let me start by saying that I saw so many “Bye Felicia” comments (today’s meme version of “good riddance”) across social media in the lead up to new years eve. Some called it “the worst year ever” while others shared images of the number of loved celebrities that were lost. Okay, so how bad was it really? Well…

  1. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Muhammad Ali, Prince and Leonard Cohen are just some of the greats that died in 2016 🙁
  2. Brexit, yes it really happened.
  3. Obama had to leave the white house and was replaced by one of the most shocking presidents in US history, yup Donald Trump actually won.
  4. Terrorism claimed even more lives. Bastille day in France, the Orlando nightclub killings, Brussels attacks, not to mention the attacks in Turkey, Iraq and Libya.
  5. The England football team’s sad exit from the European Championship did little to lift our spirits.

But are we really going backwards like some have led us to believe? Has 2016 been the worst year in  history? You only have to ask the question to know the honest answer is “No”. A brief look at past years will show a number of worse years, although I do think this comical video makes light of the dramatic comments I’ve seen online.

On a brighter note there were many great things that happened in 2016.

  1. The first round-the-world flight by a solar-powered plane was completed which could mean we’re on the way to fossil-fuel-free-flights.
  2. Beautiful big cats are on the rise and cute, cuddly pandas too! Its wonderful to see conservation efforts being so successful.
  3. The ALS association credited money raised from the Ice Bucket Challenge (which happened in 2014) as being instrumental in them finding the gene responsible for ALS this year, meaning we are closer than ever to an effective treatment. Kudos to the scientists behind this success and to everyone who threw a bucket of ice cold water over themselves.
  4. VR headsets became a reality for consumers AND I GOT TO TRY ONE. It was as awesome as I hoped.
  5. Tea dunking was taken seriously as WIRED settled one of the longest-standing questions in British history: “What’s the best biscuit for dunking?” Yes I’m serious, tea dunking is critical to us tea lovers and The Institute of Physics actually used a robot arm to test 10 biscuits for ‘dunkability’. Think I’m joking? … Try not to salivate as you watch this and thank me later.

For me 2016 was a pretty good year. My highlights were starting this blog –  obviously -; finally getting to visit Croatia and all of the amazing sights therein that I’ve had on my list for years; completing my diploma in direct and digital marketing – with a “credit” – (trust me it was bloody hard and I’m so proud to have achieved that), passing mod 1 of my “big bike” motorcycle test and last but certainly not least, creating lots of special memories with family. Here are a few of those moments…
So what about 2017? Well, I do have a couple of New Years resolutions and this time next year the goal is to look back at this post proudly checking off each one. You can hold me to them 😉

1. Blog more regularly

This has been on my to do list for a little while now so with the new year I have no excuse but to start committing more time to my blog and get my site out there even more. Perhaps a few collaborations with other bloggers?

2. Invest more time into my photography

A deep love of mine since the first time I lay my hands on an SLR. Photography. This year I’m hoping to do a short course in the basics as I absolutely love taking pictures of people, places and things and think this may be a hidden passion, but definitely one I’d like to share. Watch out Annie Leibovitz 😉

3. Hello Tough Mudder, goodbye Milkybar

As of today, I am part of the ‘Mudder Legion’. I’ve signed myself up for my first ever Tough Mudder (one of the toughest obstacle courses around) and I am SO excited. I’ve even roped in some of my cousins so it’s going to be absolutely awesome. I know fitness, gym and giving up chocolate is on almost every woman’s to do list this year, but for this chocaholic that is one hell of a feat. I love my milky bar and kinder chocolates, just ask my boyfriend what I’m like without them! But with Tough Mudder just a couple months away I have no excuse but to commit and really learn the meaning of self-control. Wish me luck!

So while 2016 was a pretty good year for me, I have a pretty good feeling that 2017 will be even better. I’m eagerly looking forward to ticking off more places on my bucket list and achieving even more of my goals. Stick around for the journey. If you don’t follow me already, come and do so:

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