5 of the best brands to follow on Instagram

Its hard to believe that Instagram has been around for more than 6 years! Gosh that makes me feel old, I remember posting my first picture almost 5 years ago. For a while now it’s been clear that Instagram is more than just a selfie forum or place to share pics of our favourite foods. Growing to an impressive 500+ million users in 2016, Instagram has become a prime target for brands trying to reach new audiences. After all, a picture paints a thousand words right?

The best brands on Instagram can take you into another world. Creativity, consistency, and character (for those all important picture captions) are all key, to gaining and maintaining a good follower-ship.

Check out my list of 5 brands who are nailing those things right now:

1. AirBnB

I challenge you to find a business with a more inspiring Instagram account than these guys. AirBnB may have big marketing budgets behind them but whats so endearing about their profile is the humanistic element that they get across with every post, making you feel like you’re right there with the customer.

If you’re not an AirBnB customer before following them, you probably will be after. Sharing stunning homes and hideouts from across the world on a daily basis this brand has nailed the term “holiday envy” and the best thing about following them? Their profile has a link to the homes they share pictures of, so if you want to book one, you can, pretty darn easily!

2. GoPro

At my family’s house last Christmas, GoPro came up and I was surprised to hear that so many of them hadn’t heard of GoPro. This company make amazing adventure/ action cameras for the active people in this world to record the fun and crazy things they get up to. Be prepared for lots of sky-diving, snowboarding and deep-sea diving pictures!

The company has its customers to thank for helping it build one of the best profiles on Instagram. In the last few years GoPro customers have swarmed the Internet with awesome videos and pictures of their incredible adventures and GoPro has the joy of reposting them.

Perhaps my love for adventure and my own GoPro Hero 4 makes me a biased lover of this profile, but what I admire most, is the non-marketing approach they take to their pictures and captions. It’s all about the adventure being captured in HD and not about trying to give you a hard sell on their cameras or accessories. For me, that’s the best kind of marketing.

3. Adobe

Initially this may sound like a bit of an odd one. Adobe? Being inspiring on Instagram?! Really? Well when you stop and think about it, it makes sense. They develop software for creatives, so their profile is one of the most creative out there. See for yourself…

Adobe share and credit the work of designers, photographers and artists alongside beautifully written captions, making them one of the most inspiring profiles to follow.

4. Virgin Holidays

If you sit at work dreaming about being on a beach with a colourful cocktail then you’ll love @VirginHolidays profile. They seem to have an endless collection of the finest beach pics you’ve ever seen! *Cries*

For anyone in need of holiday inspiration, this is the profile for you! Virgin also take a laid-back approach to their marketing style. Their posts are all about letting you enjoy the scenery, so sit back and enjoy.

5. Nike

One for the marketers, football lovers and fitness fanatics. Nike’s profile definitely ticks the “inspirational” box – from both a marketing standpoint and personal motivation point of view.  The brand that told us to ‘Just Do it’, go the extra mile to help make that a reality .With most posts being 30-60 second videos that will make you chuckle or inspire you to change your lifestyle, it’ no surprise that they have one of the highest follower counts on Instagram.

Nike’s posts are all about influencing their audience to believe they can achieve anything they put their mind to — and that couldn’t be more in line with the company’s mission statement. The fact they manage to do this in such a creative way is just a bonus!

Which brands do you follow on social media? Let me know who your top 5 are in the comments!

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