5 Examples of Amazing B2B Website Design in 2017

You know the saying: “Never judge a book by its cover”? It may be a powerful life philosophy, but it’s a far from accurate description of your website visitors behaviour.

Did you know that it only takes about 50 milliseconds (thats 0.05 seconds) for visitors to form an opinion about your website that determines whether they like your site or not and whether they’ll stay or leave. This number comes from various studies that have even been confirmed by reputable companies like Google. So clearly we all have a lot to do in an extremely short space of time!

So what does having an amazing B2B website look like in practice? Here are five examples of amazingly well-designed B2B websites:

1. MailChimp

Why it’s amazing:

  • MailChimps design screams “we are simple to understand and simple to use”
  • Heaps of white space, light simple fonts and pops of colour to keep you scrolling
  • Clear yet simple value proposition headline
  • Smartly placed UI screenshots that show you what you’re getting with their service

#Lesson 1 from MailChimp: Dominate your pages with large images of your product (or in this case what your product is capable of) and mountains of white space.


2. Asana

Now ain’t that a pretty ‘site’?! – Pun well and truly intended 😉 …Believe me when I say you’ll have to visit their website to truly appreciate the beautiful elements of their design. With clever moving pieces that can’t be captured in images, Asana’s website is sure to inspire you.

Why it’s amazing:

  • Asana’s homepage hits you with you a magical, multi-coloured warm background
  • The powerful but simple headline placed nicely above a simple email capture form
  • No generic stock photo or navigation bar, focusing attention on that all important call to action
  • Clear value proposition statement about the problem they solve for their users

#Lesson 2 from Asana: If you can, be playful with your design elements and colours


3. Zendesk 

Why it’s amazing:

  • Zendesk use some pretty fun design elements, colours and imagery to show their personality
  • Both content and design feel very human and personal
  • Perfect balance of text to graphic ratio  – they tell you enough to keep you interested and not enough to overwhelm

#Lesson 3 from ZenDesk: Speak your customers language. Be fun. Be human.


4. Squarespace 

Ok so not strictly a B2B site… but hear me out. Many businesses use squarespace to build their websites from scratch and thats enough to get their wonderful website on this list.

Why it’s amazing:

  • Their black and white bannered design is minimalist, classic and modern. Who would have thought a white, black and grey website could look so elegant?
  • The homepage features their stunning design templates with cleverly placed calls to action after each one
  • The designs do all the talking. With very little text this site focuses almost completely on the website designs they’re selling you

#Lesson 4 from Squarespace: Simplicity is everything. Less is more.

5. FreshBooks

Yes I’m including a website all about accounting software! I can hardly believe it myself, but I’ve got to say, FreshBooks have nailed their design. See for yourself…

Why it’s amazing:

  • You land on their homepage and get within 3 seconds exactly what they’re providing and who their ideal customer is – “small businesses”
  • The same CTA button appears in almost every section of the homepage and the green coloured button pops against the white and blue backgrounds. Its clear what they want you to do, convert!
  • Rather than presenting all the software features one by one (which would result in a lot of scrolling) they keep all the features in one section and allow you to navigate through horizontally at your own pace – very nice!
  • They have a section dedicated to their two key customer personas and the challenges they face which is great way at of presenting themselves as relatable and gives them a way to address how they solve those challenges

 #Lesson 5 from Freshbooks: If you have a lot to share on your homepage, find different ways of presenting it, that will keep it easy to digest.

Clearly, great websites are dependent on various factors: structure, colours, white space, symmetry, text to image ratio, fonts, and so much more. Content built around the customer’s needs and problems is so crucial and presenting this information in a story-type approach is clearly the way to go. No one wants to see everything all at once. Start by presenting your most important information at the top, note how the first things these websites do is to tell their visitors the problem they solve in the shortest possible time. Gradually give people more info as they scroll  and you’ll keep people interested without overwhelming them. Regardless of whether you’re in B2B or B2C – we can all learn something from these amazingly-designed websites.

What B2B companies do you see championing site design? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to check them out!  (:

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