10 Brand videos to watch on International Women’s Day 2017

While many I know are confused by the need to still have an International Women’s Day, I think it’s so important to have an event that talks about how far we have come and what we still have to achieve.

International Women’s Day has become a truly global celebration of gender equality and this year’s theme #BeBoldForChange calls on everyone to recognise the disparity that must still be addressed.

Now let me start by saying that while I’m not in favour of brands hijacking and diluting the importance of this day simply to drive revenue with their ads — shocking, yet I am a human first and marketer second — I am in favour of brands utilising their platform to share important messages and influence the masses.

So as a way of putting a spotlight on women today and shining a soft light on the brands helping us make strides forward, here are 10 moving videos, to make you smile, teach you something new or encourage you to think differently this International Women’s Day:

1. #WeSeeEqual 2017  – P&G

Proctor & Gamble encourage men and women to tear down the stereotypical gender roles and share in each others challenges.


2. #MakeWhatsNext 2017  – Microsoft

Microsoft continue their goal of encouraging more young women to pursue science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in their latest ad.


And hey if you missed Microsoft’s brilliant ad from last year, then be sure to watch it today, you’ll probably learn something new… I did. (Just an extra video thrown into the list for fun 😉



3.#DriveProgress 2017 – Audi

Audi deliver a message of pay equality, a theme of universal importance. It’s cinematic feel and compelling story making it that much more memorable.


4. #WhatWillTheySayAboutYou 2017 – Nike

The fitness wear giant released this ad last month featuring Muslim women who team sports clothing with a hijab while they run, skateboard and ride horses, sending a powerful message that women should be free to outdo expectations, no matter where they are/


5. #RealBeautySketches 2013  – Dove

An oldie but a goodie. While this ad is from 2013, it’s just as powerful today. Dove continually hit hard at negative self-perceptions and force women to become more aware of their beauty. When was the last beautiful thought you had about yourself?


6. #InspireHerMind 2014  – Verizon

One of my favourite ads on this list. Verizon reminds all of us of the importance our words can have. With any luck this ad will make us all think twice about how we interact with young girls (and boys for that matter).


7. #UnitedByHalf 2017 – Benetton

Benetton are pretty well-known for their goals around raising social awareness, but their latest ad falls under a wider initiative at Benetton called the Women Empowerment Program that addresses issues around equal opportunities, education and violence against women.


8. #LabelsAgainstWomen 2013  – Pantene

A interesting look at how women may be held back by the labels thrown at them. It may sound cliche, but don’t be afraid to be who you are.


9. #ThisIsAnn 2017 – Ann Taylor

American fashion brand Ann Taylor celebrates generations of women from the 50’s to now that put their best selves forward everyday.

10. #ImagineThePossibilities 2016 – Barbie

Now while I’m not advocating young girls play with stick thin barbie dolls with disproportionate bodies,  I did have to include this advert for its charming humour. Whether young girls are negatively influenced by Barbie to such an extent that they grow up believing this is how they should look, or, if it allows them to imagine all the things they can become, will be a topic of eternal debate. The American toy company has made it on to this list purely for the fact that in this ad their message is the latter. This video looks to empower girls to imagine the possibilities of what they could become, from being a football coach, to lecturer, to a vet. It is number 10 though, so don’t shoot the blogger. Please lol.


Have you seen any inspirational women’s adverts this year? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to keep up!

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